School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics


Assessment deadlines 2019-20

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update - please be aware that many Semester 2 assignment deadlines have been changed. Please keep up to date with your emails and Blackboard announcements for any updates.


S‌ubmission deadlines

The due dates and times for each component will be outlined in your Module Handbook, which is available on the Module Blackboard page. All UG SEL modules will be submitted electronically via Turnitin only.  It is always best to check the Module Guide or speak to your Module Leader if you are unsure of how and where to submit your work.

Submitting assignments

Below you will find submission instructions for Canvas.

All submitted work will be checked for Plagiarism. Plagiarism is the use of any source, published or unpublished, without full and specific acknowledgement. It is a form of cheating, which can be quite easily detected and can result in failure of modules or in disciplinary action. Further information can be found in the Undergraduate Handbook and on the Student Progress Website.

Turnitin Submission Title


Most examinations are scheduled at the end of Semester. If you do not pass at the first attempt, you may be required to take an additional resit examination at the end of August.

You have the right to one resit attempt for any module you have failed. You must ensure you are available during all term time periods and examination periods.

Marks and feedback

Your work will be marked using the below Assessment Criteria and in line with the UG Moderation and Scaling Policy 1920 (PDF: 16KB).

During the year your marks will be visible on S3P after 20 working days, if you submitted a hard copy of your work you can collect your feedback from the School Office, if your work was marked electronically you can ‌read your feedback on Blackboard. For work submitted at the end of the second semester, your marks will be visible on S3P after the meeting of the Board of Examiners.

At the start of each semester you should have a 'Feed Forward' meeting with your personal tutor to discuss your Student 'Feed Forward' Form and your feedback from the previous semester.

Official documents

The following documents are available via S3P free of charge:

  • Certification of Registration
  • Transcripts
  • Council Tax Certificate

The following documents are available via the Webstore:

  • Statement of Qualification 
  • Proof of Degrees and replacement Certificates 

Future Employment Documents:

  • Verification of Study - please see details here.
  • Character References - please contact your personal tutor or the Head of School if your personal tutor no longer works within the University

Further details on official document can be found on the student progress website.