School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics

Student-Staff Committee

Student-Staff Committee

The Student-Staff Committee is made up of both staff and student representatives. Its aim is to improve communication between the two and discuss matters of mutual concern.


UGSSC Members 2017-18

Course representatives are:

Q100 - Sam Cooke 
Q300 - Reese Champion and Victoria Mezzetto
Q302 - Michael BroderickMatthew Carter, Abigail Middlemas and Emelia Wojcik
Q306 - Alicia Brittle, Tess BrysonHannah CooksonJordan Duffy, Mary O'BrienElizabeth RichingsRobert Robinson, Ian Wallace and Victoria Wilson
QV31 - Isabel Sykes
Y001 - Josh Rutley

Feel free to contact your representatives with any concerns or ideas.

Other Student Representatives:

Career & Employability Champions - Louis GlazzardSiobhan Fuller and Jess Weisser
Cafe Project Manager - Felix MacKay

Staff Members:

Head of School - James Annesley
Head of Literature - Helen Freshwater
Head of Language/Linguistics - Geoff Poole
Head of Creative Writing - Lars Iyer
Degree Programme Director - Kirsten MacLeod
School Manager - Lesley Lant
Administrative Support - Emily Smith
Library Representative - Lucy Keating
NUIT Representative - Ian Smith

Become a member

If you would like to be a course rep, please contact the Student Chair.

Student-Staff Committee member nominations for Chair and Deputy Chair will take place during the last meeting each year.

Minutes and Reports

Annual Reports

Any issues raised by the Student-Staff Committee are then passed to the Board of Studies for more formal discussion.  You can read about the Committees achievements in the Annual Report: