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London Renaissance Seminar Contribution Award

London Renaissance Seminar Contribution Award

22 March 2021

The London Renaissance Seminar is a discussion forum that looks at all aspects of early modern history, literature and culture. This year they've launched its annual Contribution Awards scheme. With these awards, the forum aims to recognise excellent research in the field, and also collegiality, creativity, openness to ideas beyond the mainstream, and a recognition of diverse groups engaged with Renaissance studies.

Announcing the award, the forum writes:

"As an established researcher, Professor Jennifer Richards is an internationally leading scholar in Renaissance and Early Modern Studies, and has made major contributions to the discipline over the course of her career. Her published research on Renaissance rhetoric, the history of reading, medical humanities, and soundscapes has been ground-breaking, influential, and award-winning. Her work as General Editor of the Oxford Edition of the Works of Thomas Nashe is a model of generous and supportive leadership for collaborative research, while her editorship of Renaissance Studies helped to sustain the intellectual conversations necessary to the health of the field. Professor Richards has also made major institutional contributions, both at the University of Newcastle and through funding councils and learned societies; many early career researchers, too, will attest to the value of her mentorship and support."

Congratulations Professor Richards!