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New ATNU Pilot

Animating Text Newcastle University have published a new pilot called 'Poetic Transformations'. In this pilot readers are invited to compare multiple versions of 'Must We Go?', a multi-part poem by the Pakistani-British poet Moniza Alvi. 

Drawing together 11 textual witnesses - including notebook drafts, revised computer print-outs, the text os the poem as published in At the Time of Partition (Bloodaxe Books, 2013) and a digital video recording of Alvi reading the poem in person at Newcastle University - the pilot experiments with new ways of comparing and analysing revision and rewriting across multiple media and diverse formats. In doing so, the pilot tests the possibilities open to digital genetic criticism and asks how digital tools might be applied to inform our understanding of recent literary production.

The project was devised by Newcastle University's Linda Anderson, Sinéad Morrissey and Mark Byers and developed by James Cummings and Tiago Sousa Garcia. It was created by Mark Turner, Kate Court and Fiona Galston.

To find out more about the pilot and other projects please see the website.

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published on: 30 January 2020