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Bridge & Tunnel

Bridge + Tunnel Productions

Bridge + Tunnel is a BAFTA-nominated media production company based in Newcastle.

Since 1998, its films and documentaries have been screened at festivals including:

  • the American Film Institute
  • official selections at the Sundance Film Festival
  • Edinburgh Film Festival

They have also been broadcast on many channels including the Sundance Channel, ITV, TCM and Channel 4.

Bridge + Tunnel has also produced record-beating museum exhibitions and provided media production training for hundreds of refugees, asylum seekers and other vulnerable groups.

The company is constantly seeking ways to bring 'untold stories, unheard voices' to wider audiences. It plans to remain small and agile enough to take on the kind of high risk, high reward projects that other production houses tend to shy away from.

I Am Nasrine, produced by Bridge +Tunnel and directed by Senior Lecturer, Tina Gharavi, was nominated for a BAFTA in 2013. Sir Ben Kingsley, the project's patron, called the film 'an important and much-needed film'.

The organisation is a composed of both a production company, Bridge + Tunnel Productions, and an independent community media charity, Bridge + Tunnel Voices. They work together to make mainstream projects with community, education and activism element at its core.

Student projects

Both undergraduate and Masters students work with Bridge + Tunnel throughout the year. They are an integral part of how work is made.

The company functions in this respect like a 'teaching hospital' in which students have a real impact on the company's successful work.

The benefits for students is that they gain real life experience on productions. This is helpful for their resumes and can sometimes lead to a credit on a film or even further paid work.

Bridge + Tunnel help accelerate School of English graduates into the media and creative industries. Hundreds of students have benefited from training experiences working in a dynamic film company.

They have received the best training possible in a real work environment since the partnership began in 2004.