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Mandana Mashayekhi Ghoyonloo

Mandana Mashayekhi Ghoyonloo

Doctoral Student in Creative Writing.



Prof Bill Herbert (Newcastle), Dr Alex Niven (Newcastle) and Dr Paul Batchelor (Durham)

Research project

Bringing Persia to the North-East: Basil Bunting and Persian poets

The purpose of my research is to examine the impact of Persian poetry on the poems of Northumbrian poet Basil Bunting. I will analyse this influence through scrutinizing Basil Bunting’s translations from Persian poetry, such as Cat and the Mouse (Mūsh o Gorbeh) by Obeyd Zākāni (d. 1371) and his translations from Ferdowsi (940 – 1020), Rudaki (858 – 941). I investigate his attitude and line of thought to understand his interest in Persian poetry and culture in order to discover their impact on Bunting’s poems, mainly on Briggflatts and The Spoils. My analysis will use an interdisciplinary perspective and I will engage with discourses of literature, religion and history, as well as translation studies.

Research interests

Persian classic and contemporary poetry, poetry translation, archival research and Persian manuscripts, Poetry of Basil Bunting.

Research activities


 I have published two books:

  • “Dancing on the Rope” a collection of poems in Persian, 2013, London
  • Leviathan” A novel by Paul Auster Translated into Persian, 2009, Iran

 My poems were published in London MagazineMPT (Modern Poetry in Translation), and Newcastle Poetry Festival app: and in Iranian magazines and newspapers such as Goharān and Tūs.


  • ‘Basil Bunting and Persian Poetry’  Poetry & and Language of the North East SELLL Speaker Social (Newcastle University, 18 May 2017)
  • ‘From Mūsh o Gorbeh by Zākāni to Cat and Mouse by Basil Bunting: A Journey in Translation’ annual HaSS first year conference (Newcastle University, 15 June 2017)
  • ‘Basil Bunting and Early Persian Poets’ PG Speaker Series (Newcastle University, 13 February 2018)

Placements and funding

  • Durham University, Palace Green Library, working on Persian Manuscripts (June-July 2019)
  • Queen Mary Belfast, Special Collection and Archives, working on Persian manuscripts and holdings (June 2018)
  • Student Development Funding: Poetry masterclass: Basil Bunting's Briggflatts - 'laying the tune frankly on the air'”, Cambridge University, 1-4 September 2017
  • Translation House Looren, Switzerland, Translation Grant (March-June 2006)
  • AHRC Northern Bridge Studentship (2016-19)