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Amelia Joicey

Amelia Joicey

Research project title

Glitter and Glue: Examining the Role of Participation with Young People at Northern Stage, 1967-2017


Dr Rosalind Haslett and Dr Andrew Law

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Research interests

  • theatre history
  • social value
  • participation
  • children’s theatre and literature
  • heritage education
  • learning and creativity
vintage style microphone on a stage

A brief outline of my research project

This thesis answers a call for greater recognition regarding the role of young people’s participation in theatre by focusing on Northern Stage, an organisation that has been working with young people since 1967 but which has, to date, received little critical attention.

In the first study of its kind on the Newcastle-based theatre Northern Stage, my research argues that participation work with young people has a defining role in shaping the identity and values of those involved in it. This is true despite the issue that young people’s participation in theatre is often placed as an adjunct to its artistic endeavour. I promote an expansive view of participation work as it relates to the practices within the Participation Department of the theatre Northern Stage involving young people age 0-30. My methods investigate the historical record alongside conducting interviews with past and present staff and participants as well as making use of semi-ethnographic approaches such as participant observation and sensory participation.

This research will shed light on why participation for young people in theatre matters to our society in what is otherwise an under-recognised, and increasingly privileged field of engagement.

Research activities

My academic background

  • MA Hons (Ancient History) University of Edinburgh
  • PG Dip with Distinction in Cultural Heritage Management, University of Wales
  • PG Cert in Research Skills, Newcastle University
  • PG Cert Marketing, Chartered Institute of Marketing