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Bethany McDonald Shepherd

Research project title

Identifying Creative Social Enterprise models for sustainability of Feminist Theatres for Social Change


Prof Kate Chedgzoy, Dr Jane Nolan and Dr Fiona Whitehurst

Contact details


Brief Outline of Research Project

My research looks at the business challenges faced by micro feminist theatres for social change as they seek to make meaningful impact in the communities they work with.  In understanding issues of capacity and desired change, I will look beyond traditional arts-funding models towards commercial innovation and creative social enterprises as a way of building new frameworks for financial stability.  Bringing together disciplines of feminist applied theatre, social change, and creative social enterprise, I will distil the ways in which small feminist theatres for social change financially survive and search for new opportunities that may enable them to financially, and socially, thrive.

Academic Background

  • BA (Hons) Theatre & English, University of Vermont
  • PGDip Theatre Directing, LAMDA (London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art)
  • MA Arts Policy & Management, Birkbeck College, University of London


I am currently Head of Innovation at LAMDA, undertaking doctoral study on a part-time basis.


My experience co-founding and leading micro company and feminist theatre for social change, Blank Cheque, forms a key part of my research.  Please visit our website: