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Chiara Pellegrini Giampietro

Chiara Pellegrini Giampietro

Research project title

Trans Forms: Gender-variant Subjectivity and First-person Narration


Dr Stacy Gillis and Prof Lars Iyer

Contact details


Research interests

  • contemporary literature and culture
  • film and television studies
  • narrative theory
  • queer theory
  • trans studies
  • feminist theory
  • continental philosophy
  • psychoanalysis
Chiara Pellegrini

A brief outline of my research project

My thesis argues for the ‘gender-variant’ narrator as a key figure in contemporary literature. I examine first-person narratives from the past five decades in a range of genres (memoir, autofiction, literary fiction, science fiction) that explore gender identities that are other than binary or fixed. The purposes and impacts of these narratives varies according to their different engagement with feminist, queer and trans theory and activism. These differences can be ultimately read in the formal choices (uses of temporality, pronouns, metaphors, focalisation, etc.) of the texts representing gender-variant narrators. Throughout the thesis, I aim to establish a methodology at the intersection of studies of narrative form and studies of trans and non-binary gender identity.

Research activities

My academic background

  • MA in Philosophy and Contemporary Critical Theory - Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Kingston University
  • BA in English Literature with Linguistics, University of Westminster