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Dr Cristina Dye

Senior Lecturer in Language Development & Psycholinguistics



Ph.D. in Language Development. Cornell University. 2000- 2005.  

Post-Doctoral study in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience. Georgetown University School of Medicine. 2006 -2010. 


Programme Director for the PhD, IPhD & MA in Linguistics

Member of the NINE-DTP and the Northern Bridge studentships committees

UoA26 Panel member

University Public Lectures Committee

Chair, steering committee for Research Buddies - A university-wide research-based partnership with local schools

Chair, steering committee for Neuro-cognition of Developmental Disorders Affecting Language  

Member of the College of Peer Reviewers for the Humanities and Arts and Sciences Faculty

Research supervision

I welcome enquiries from PhD or MLitt students interested in a range of topics in child language development, including structural (syntactic, phonological, morphological) representations, processing, neurocognitive underpinnings, or developmental disorders affecting language. 

Esteem indicators 

British Academy grant  

Independent expert for the European Research Council

Reviewer for the Cognitive Science Conference (2008 -2012) 

Editorial Boards: Current:  Frontiers in Language Teaching Research; Behavioural Neuroscience; Past: Glossa, Linguistics Journal  

In the media

Daily Mail, Huffington PostScience Daily, Neuroscience News

The TelegraphMedical Daily

Public engagement

British Science Festival (Programme p.14 for details)





Research interests

My primary research interests lie in the area of child language acquisition and development. My work is highly inter-disciplinary, merging insights from linguistic theory, language acquisition, developmental psychology, and developmental cognitive neuroscience. I aim to obtain a deeper understanding of how language, and particularly its grammatical, combinatorial aspects, emerge and grow in typically-developing mono- as well as bi-lingual children. I am also interested in the neuro-cognitive underpinings of this process and have studied children with certain neurodevelopmental disorders including Specific Language impairment (SLI), Developmental Dyslexia, Tourette Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). 


International collaborators:

Prof. Michael T. Ullman (Georgetown University, US); Prof. Barbara C. Lust (Cornell University), Prof. Suzanne Flynn (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US); Prof. Dezso Nemeth (Eotvos Lorand University, Hungary); Prof. Claire Foley (Boston College, US) 


Dye Child French Corpus (Dye 2005)

Cross-sectional spontaneous speech samples from 50 monolingual French-speaking normally-developing children, from Paris and Nancy, with ages ranging from one year eleven months to three years two months. Registered with the Open Language Archives (OLAC) and hosted by the Virtual Center for Language Acquisition (VCLA)

For more information about the corpus please see the article below:

Dye CD. Reduced auxiliaries in early child language: Converging observational and experimental evidence from French. Journal of Linguistics 2011, 47(2), 301-339.

Those interested in using this corpus should send an email to







SEL2086 Introduction to Language Acquisition

SEL3352 Language development: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach 

I also contribute to PSY3027 Disorders of Development (School of Psychology)



SEL8654 Psychology of Language Development

SEL8040 Neurocognition of Language Development

I also contribute to:

SEL8500  Research Methods 

SEL8643 Introduction to second language acquisition