School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics

Staff Profile

Professor Michael Pincombe

Professor of Tudor & Elizabethan Literature





M.A., Ph. D. Oxon.


Member of the Renaissance Panel for the Literature Compass
The Tudor Symposium
The Malone Society



Research Interests

Tudor and Elizabethan literature

Structural and semiotic analysis of literary texts and literary systems

Louis ALTHUSSER | Balint BALASSI | Dada | ghost-story | Barnaby GOOGE | Algirdas-Julien GREIMAS | John LYLY | lyric | A Mirror for Magistrates | Titus Andronicus | Tzvetan Todorov | tragedy

Current Work

A critical study of early Elizabethan poetry.

Postgraduate Supervision

Any area of Tudor or Elizabethan literature. -- Recent and current PhD students' topics include: "The Figure of Islam in George Peele's 'Battle of Alcazar'; "Hell on Earth: Tyrants and Tyranny in English Tragedy form Sackville to Shakespeare'; "'This Scribbling Generation': The Literary Careers of Thomas Nashe and Robert Greene.' I also co-supervise Creative Writing Ph.Ds.