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Staff Profile

Ourooba Shetewi

Teaching Assistant


I am interested in all matters variation! 

As a native speaker of a non-prestigious variety of Arabic who grew up in a bidialectal household, and given Arabic's diglossic nature, I am interested in dialect contact and attitudes to accents and dialects. I am also very interested in dialect and accent acquisition and the attitudes of children and adolescents to language variation.

I completed both my MA and PhD in linguistics at Newcastle University, and as well as being a TA here at Newcastle, I am an Associate Tutor in English language at Edge Hill University.



PhD Linguistics, 2018, Newcastle University, UK.

MA Linguistics & Language Acquisition, 2012, Newcastle University, UK.

BA English Language & Literature, 2008, Damascus University, Syria.

BA English literature w/minor Religious Studies, 2008, Montana State University, USA.


Arabic, English


Research interests:

  • Arabic dialectology & sociolinguistics.
  • Phonological variation. 
  • Linguistic prestige & attitudes to accents and dialects.
  • Acquisition of linguistic variation.
  • Language and dialect contact.
  • Age & gender in variationist research.
  • Speech accommodation.

My research interests are in language variation and change, with a particular focus on phonological variation.

I am particularly interested in language and dialect contact and the attitudes and practices of different speakers in such situations, especially those of children and adolescents. My PhD research examined the acquisition of sociolinguistic variation by Palestinian children and adolescents in Syria and explored related issues such as speech accommodation, register variation and linguistic prestige. 


SEL1027: Introduction to the Structure of language 1: Syntax and Phonology. (seminar leader)


  • Shetewi O, Khattab G, Corrigan K. The role of frequency in acquiring complex speech sounds: Evidence from Palestinian Arabic. Journal of child language acquisition and developement 2019. In Preparation.