School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics

Research Supervision

Postgraduate Language and Linguistics Research Supervision

Staff working in Language and Linguistics in the School are interested in supervising research projects in the following areas of expertise.

Contact the relevant staff member for further information.

Professor Karen Corrigan (Professor of Linguistics and English Language) - Language variation and change; corpus linguistics; English in Ireland; historical English linguistics.

Dr Cristina Dye (Lecturer in Child Language Acquisition) - Language acquisition, development and processing in monolingual/ multilingual and normal/ abnormal child populations; neurodevelopmental disorders (SLI, dyslexia, autism, Tourette's syndrome).

Professor Anders Holmberg (Professor of Theoretical Linguistics) - Syntactic theory; Arabic syntax; Thai syntax; L2 acquisition.

Dr Adam Mearns (Lecturer in the History of the English Language) - The history of the English language; Old English & Middle English; language variation and change; lexical semantics; corpora (construction, development and applications).

Dr Heike Pichler (Lecturer in Sociolinguistics) - Language variation and change; grammaticalization; discourse-pragmatic features; spoken English; sociolinguistics.

Dr Geoff Poole (Senior Lecturer in Linguistics) - Syntactic Theory; Philosophy of Linguistics; Structure of Medieval Spanish; Comparative Romance (Historical) Syntax.

Dr William van der Wurff (Senior Lecturer in Historical Linguistics) - Language change; historical syntax; history of English; lexical innovation.

Dr Joel Wallenberg (Lecturer in the History of the English Language) - English Language, syntax, language variation and change (syntax, phonology); comparative Germanic linguistics; history of English; history of North Germanic (esp. Icelandic); diachronic parsed corpora; metrics.

Professor Martha Young-Scholten (Professor of Second Language Acquisition) - L2 acquisition of syntax; phonology.