School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics

Research Supervision

Postgraduate Literature Research Supervision

Staff working in Literature in the School are interested in supervising research projects in the following areas of expertise.

Contact the relevant staff member for further information.

Dr James Annesley (Senior Lecturer in American Literature and Culture) - 20th and 21st century American fiction; consumer culture and contemporary lifestyle.

Professor Kate Chedgzoy (Professor of Renaissance Literature) - 17th century literature and culture, with particular reference to questions of gender, sexuality, and national identity; Shakespeare; lesbian and gay theories and cultures; children's literature.

Dr Ruth Connolly (Lecturer in 17th Century Literature) - 17th century literature, especially poetry; early modern women's writing; scholarly editing; early modern cultures of print and manuscript.

Dr Ella Dzelzainis (Lecturer in 19th Century Literature) - 19th century literature and intellectual history, especially the novel of reform; politics and representation; women writers; gender, sexuality and economics; Malthusian fictions.

Dr Helen Freshwater (Reader in Theatre and Performance) - theatre for children and young people; audiences; 20th century British theatre; contemporary performance; the theatrical representation of the child.

Dr Stacy Gillis (Lecturer in Modern and Contemporary Literature) - 20th century British fiction; popular fiction; detective and sensation fiction; feminist theory; First World War.

Professor Matthew Grenby (Professor of 18th Century literature) - 18th century literature; children's literature and culture; political novel; book history; history of heritage.

Dr Rosalind Haslett (Lecturer in Dramatic Literature) - Dramaturgy and literary management; theatre history and historiography; British regional theatre; post-conflict Northern Irish theatre; playwriting.

Dr Laura Kirkley (Lecturer in 18th Century Literature) - Revolutionary feminism, particularly Mary Wollstonecraft; women's writing in the long 18th century; 1790s radicalism; literary and cultural exchange between Britain and France; Enlightenment and Romantic cosmopolitanism.

Dr Kirsten MacLeod (Lecturer in 19th - 20th Century Literature) - Victorian and modernist print culture; periodical studies; Aestheticism and Decadence; history of publishing and authorship; modernism.

Dr Robbie McLaughlan (Lecturer in Postcolonial Literature) - Postcolonial Studies; the history of Empire; imperial cartography; the fin de siècle, colonialism and modernism; theory (particularly network theory, Marxism/ Leninism and the history of psychoanalysis).

Dr Meiko O'Halloran (Lecturer in Romantic Literature) - British and Scottish Romanticism; the 18th century and Romantic-era novel; periodical writing and the literary marketplace; Gothic literature in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Dr Jennifer Orr (Lecturer in 18th-Century Literature) - Scottish and Irish Romantic period literature; radical poetry; print culture of the 'long' 18th century; labouring-class poetry; landscape and sense of place in Romantic poetry.

Dr Lucy Pearson (Lecturer in Children's Literature) - Children's literature; modern and contemporary literature; book history; publishing history.

Dr James Procter (Reader in Modern English Literature & Postcolonial Literature) - Caribbean and Black British literature; postwar British literature; contemporary fiction; postcolonial writing/theory; short fiction and empire.

Professor Kim Reynolds (Professor of Children's Literature) [Semester 2 only] - Early 20th-century children's publishing in Britain; late Victorian and Edwardian children's books; death and self-injury in children's literature; radical children's publishing; the history of children's publishing in the 20th century.

Professor Jennifer Richards (Professor of Early Modern Literature and Culture) - Early modern literature and culture (1500-1700); history of rhetoric and performance; history of reading and literacy; medical humanities.

Dr Michael Rossington (Senior Lecturer in English Literature) - Romantic period poetry and life writing; the Shelleys; scholarly editing; reception; translation.

Dr Neelam Srivastava (Senior Lecturer in Post-Colonial Literature) - Indian/South Asian literature in English; postcolonial theory; cultural histories of Italian colonialism and postcolonialism; postcolonial cinema; postcolonial translation; anti-colonial writing between 1930 and 1970.

Dr Fionnghuala Sweeney (Senior Lecturer in American Literature) - American, African American and Caribbean literature in the 19th and 20th centuries; slavery, literature and visual culture; Afromodernisms; theoretical intersections between the black Atlantic, post/colonialism and diaspora; travel writing; race and performance.

Dr Anne Whitehead (Senior Lecturer in Modern and Contemporary Literature) - Modern and contemporary fiction; literatures of war, conflict and resolution; trauma and memory studies; care, empathy and literature; medical humanities.