School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics

Man Li

Man Li

Doctoral Student in Linguistics



  • Joel Wallenberg
  • Geoffrey Poole


Chinese Object Fronting in Syntactic and Diachronic Perspective

Although there are many studies on the fronting of Diachronic Perspective objects in Modern Chinese and some periods of Archaic Chinese, no one has looked at a diachronic change of object-fronting constructions over the entire history of Chinese.

To bridge this gap, a quantitative, variationist study of object fronting in Chinese will be conducted for my PhD thesis. A parsed corpus of diachronic Chinese will be built for this purpose which can also be used for future diachronic Chinese studies.

Research Interests

Syntax, Language variation and change, Teaching Chinese as a foreign language.

Research Activities


  • Syntactic variation and change reading group
  • Chinese Reading Group


  • SEL 1027 Introduction to Language Structure and Applications


  • 'On a Syntactic Analysis of gei and its historical development', Interdisciplinary Linguistics Conference, Belfast, 2013 (poster presentation).
  • Li, M. (2014) 'Building a Chinese Parsed Historical Corpus', presented at The Third International Symposium on Chinese Language and Discourse, London.