School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics

Narawan Promprakai

Narawan Promprakai

Doctoral Student in Linguistics



  • Dr Heike Pichler
  • Prof Martha Young-Scholten
  • Prof Vivian Cook


English code-switching in Thai speech by Thai immigrants in the UK

My study investigates English code-switching behaviour of Thai immigrants living in the UK, its social functions and sociolinguistic variables that might influence the use of code-switching. Thai people tend to look at English as the language of an outsider and preserve it for situations when English is really necessary, such as international meetings, English classrooms and communicating with speakers of other languages. However, in situations where English is a dominant language such as living in the UK, English code-switching may be viewed and used differently.

Research Interests

  • immigrants
  • code-switching
  • language attitude

Research Activities


  • SEL8500 Research Methods in Language and Linguistics
  • SEL8338 Phonological Interfaces in Second Language Aquisition

Academic Background

  • MA in Language Learning and Education at the University of York, UK
  • BA in English at Bangkok University, Thailand