School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics

Al Khansaa Martakush

Al Khansaa Martakush

Doctoral Student in Applied Linguistics (Second Language learning-English as an L2)



  • Prof Martha Young-Scholten
  • Dr Clare Wright


The Role of Corrective Feedback and Individual Differences in second Language Learning

My study will examine the role of corrective feedback (CF) in second language learning of English past tense in relation to individual differences. My focus will be on one type of corrective feedback, namely recasts, in relation to anxiety as a factor of individual differences. The study will test how anxiety might mediate recasts effectiveness. Different types of CF have been examined in the field of L2 learning and various L2 grammatical features have been targeted to draw conclusions about which type of CF works better for L2 learning. Studies showed that CF worked differently with different target structures and that other factors also mediated its effectiveness. However, little has been done on individual difference factors which are believed to play an important role in relation to CF effectiveness. Hence, my aim is to introduce anxiety as an independent variable which might play a role in determining recasts effectiveness on learning English past tense forms. The study is going to be conducted in ESL classrooms in the UK and is expected to yield results and findings of particular interest to the field of L2 learning and teaching and will hopefully contribute to the specific area of L2 error correction.

Research Interests

  • Applied Linguistics and TESOL
  • Dynamics of L2 classroom
  • Corrective Feedback in L2 learning
  • Affective factors (anxiety, motivation, attitude, etc.) in L2 learning

Research Activities


  • Assistant Lecturer in Applied Linguistics at Al-Baath University, Syria in 2009
  • Teacher of English for Specific Purposes at Al-Baath University, Syria in 2009


  • First year PhD Hass conference: presented
  • 7th Newcastle upon Tyne Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics 2012: attended and volunteered
  • Second Language Acquisition Conference at Greenwich University 2012: attended
  • (Forthcoming) 2nd/3rd year PhD HASS Poster Conference: committee member and presenter
  • (Forthcoming) 8th Newcastle upon Tyne Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics 2013: attend and volunteer

Academic Background

  • MA in Linguistics & Language Acquisition at Newcastle University
  • BA in English Literature at Tishreen University, Syria