School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics

Facilities & Activities

Facilities and Activities

English occupies the Percy Building. Facilities for undergraduates studying literature, language and linguistics are provided both there and in the wider campus.

School facilities

The School's extensive collection of videos is now available through the Robinson Library. There are also videos and audio tapes to aid English Language modules and audio tapes relating to poetry modules.

In the Percy Building there is:

  • a digital media lab for students involved in documentary and self-reflexive film-making modules
  • a large, comfortable common room on the first floor, used for socialising and for meetings of student societies
  • a number of PCs specifically for undergraduate use in the Gate Cluster on the first floor

Societies and social activities

Newcastle has a thriving culture of student societies covering all areas of interest. We have a lively literary society, usually known as EngSoc.

It organises serious and frivolous events on a literary theme. There is also the opportunity to submit poetry and short prose for publication in our magazine, Alliterati

EngSoc has a committee of students dedicated to providing social activities and academic support for their members. The society was set up to give students the chance to meet new people on their course.

Open to all students at Newcastle University, there is also the opportunity to meet other people interested in English, but studying in other faculties and departments.

If you become involved in the society, and want to help with the organisation and planning, there is the opportunity to become a member of the committee. Elections are held around Easter every year. Email the EngSoc committee to find out more.

Apart from EngSoc activities, there are opportunities throughout the year to take advantage of subsidised tickets for productions, such as those by the Royal Shakespeare Company during their annual season in Newcastle.

The School hosts an annual visiting speakers' programme and special-interest papers, poetry readings and film showings also take place during the year, organised by students or staff.