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International Exchanges

International Exchanges

We welcome international exchange students from all parts of the world to study with us.

Our thriving undergraduate community has a reputation for being a friendly, ambitious and stimulating student body. Our students go on to have successful careers in a wide variety of professions, including academia, teaching, journalism, law, creative writing, media and advertising.

You will experience excellent teaching at a more personal level than at many universities abroad. You will get to know your tutors through regular lectures, seminars (classes in groups of 12-15 students) and small-group or one-to-one meetings and tutorials.

Study groups are an integral part of the learning culture of the School. By meeting in groups of three to five students to prepare for seminars each week, you will get to know your classmates and develop valuable skills in leadership and teamwork.

Through choosing from a wide range of modules, you can tailor your degree or semester abroad to match your interests and aspirations.

In first-year modules (Stage 1), you can expect to attend two hours of lectures and one hour of seminar per week for each module. Our carefully designed core modules enable you to sample a broad selection of key subjects and texts in English Literature, Language and Linguistics, and Creative Writing.

In second and third-year modules (Stages 2 and 3), you will build on what have you learned in a more specialised way, expanding your knowledge of your chosen fields of interest.

Stage 3 modules often stem directly from the latest research of your lecturers and professors. They offer increased time for seminar discussion with a view to enabling you to develop your independent critical thinking and responses through lively debate with leading specialists and your peers.

Whether you are taking a semester or year abroad, or studying for your degree at Newcastle, we regard you as an important member of the School community.

Find out more about international exchanges at Newcastle on the Study Abroad and Exchanges website.