Support Student Modules

Support Student Modules

Could you benefit from having a motivated and enthusiastic student in your classroom or organisation for 35 hours? Or maybe you already work with one of our students and want to encourage them to further develop their employability skills? If so our Career Development Module can help.

For academic year 2020/21 what we ask of an organisation overseeing our module students has changed slightly. This is to help manage adjustments to the academic calendar and potential uncertainty in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are expecting students to complete a minimum of 35 hours with an organisation between November and May. Student Supervisors at the organisation will oversee those hours of activity and provide the students with timely feedback in relation to their performance.

Hosting a Career Development module placement can :

  • help you gain a fresh perspective
  • give you a chance to share your good practice
  • increase your opportunities for staff development

Student employees or volunteers

Students will contribute proactively to meet and enhance the aims of your organisation.

You can advertise an opportunity for a student through our website

Student tutors

Student tutors are positive role models who work alongside teachers, supporting learners with their studies and helping to raise their aspirations.

In our most recent full-scale consultation, 90% of placement hosts commented on the added value delivered by student tutors to teachers and learners.

For support in academic year 2020/21, please email csmodules@ncl.ac.uk in the first instance. 


CDM Placement Handbook 20_21 Issuu

CDM Placement Handbook 20_21 PDF