Electron Microscopy Research Services

Staff Profile

Tracey Davey

Experimental Scientific Officer



I work in the Electron Microscopy Research Services unit which provides an electron microscopy service to students and researchers throughout the University as well as to companies and individuals both nationally and internationally


Training Courses

Transmission EM

Training packages are available for researchers which will reduce costs in the long term.

The TEM course is held over 3 days and covers ultra-microtomy and use of the transmission electron microscope. The course can be tailored to suit the individual.

Scanning EM

This is for groups who may have a high throughput of samples to be analysed. Once competent, the researchers would be allowed to use the microscope themselves.


School workshops  

We welcome visits from key stage 5 pupils and their teachers to the electron microscopy laboratory at Newcastle University's Medical School. During their 1.5-2 hour visit they will learn how specimens are prepared for both scanning and transmission EM and see the electron microscopes in action. Visits are suitable for both year 12 and year 13, though numbers are restricted (min 7, max 14).