Strategic Vision

Strategic Vision

At Newcastle University, engagement is an integral part of our teaching, research and service endeavors.

As a civic university, we are committed to delivering benefits to individuals, organisations and to society as a whole. This means putting academic knowledge, creativity and expertise to work, to develop innovations and solutions that make a difference regionally, nationally and internationally.

Engagement at Newcastle University, is a two way process that allows us to deploy our excellent research and also inform the questions we seek to answer.

Through our three societal challenge themes we engage with stakeholders to ensure our research impacts on the world's most pressing issues of ageing, social renewal and sustainability.

Our research is tackling profound global challenges including dementia, human trafficking and energy storage. Since 2012 we have worked with 540 SMEs to support their growth and our students have volunteered over 45,000 hours to community causes in the last year.

The University’s vision is to be a world-class civic university – which means we apply our academic excellence in teaching and research to some of the fascinating challenges facing civil society, both locally and globally. Engagement is the deployment of our teaching and research to tackle these challenges.

Professor Richard Davies
Pro-Vice-Chancellor Engagement and Internationalisation