School of Engineering


Computer Aided Design (CAD) Lab

Our CAD Lab provides a range of software for teaching and research purposes.


Engineers must be knowledgeable and competent with CAD tools.  Our CAD lab has 7 CAD-accessible terminals and a large screen for presentations. The Lab is also equipped with a video system for online training and teaching.

It's an excellent facility for postgraduate and first-year PhD students. You can develop skills in CAD software such as Cadence, Altium designer for PCB and COMSOL. This training is essential for projects and future careers.

You can access the following software in the lab:

  • Cadence
  • Matlab
  • Synopsys


The CAD lab is perfect for research-based activities.

Open to all researchers at the School, our CAD lab is utilised for a wide range of projects. In fact, the Lab is currently in the midst of a project looking to improving CAD tools design.

Due to the speed that technology is shrinking, circuit size has also shrunk thus the interconnection is also very small.

A new, non-linear effect appears with these very small devices and interconnections.

The main goal of the CAD lab research is to build a tool or library that is able to simulate these non-linear responses using a fractional calculus.