School of Engineering

Electronics Teaching Lab

Electronics Teaching Lab

The Electronics lab is home to 60 bays of the latest Agilent/Keysight digital test equipment. These are linked to individual PCs for real time data capture.

We constantly update our equipment in the Electronics Teaching Lab to ensure it remains state-of-the-art. It benefits from a large number of bespoke experiments tailored to the exact subject fields we teach.

The entire stage 1 lab is all practical hands-on design/construction experiments. This gives you practical experience in electronic design. We also offer the latest PCB Design and CAD software which is used to take your design from prototype to final testing. This mimics the authentic industrial way of working.

Each bench in the lab has certified soldering fume extraction and the latest in circuit programming of Microchip and FPGA boards.

Also contained in the lab is the 15 seat project lab. This also holds the modern equipment and is a lab area for Stage 3 and 4 students to concentrate on individual projects. It is available all day 5 days a week for drop-in allowing flexibility of work.

A Research Associate tutors an undergraduate on circuitry design