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Clean Room Microfabrication

Clean-Room Microfabrication Lab

Our Clean-Room Microfabrication Lab includes two class 100-10000 clean rooms.

ETM fabrication lab includes two class 100-10000 clean rooms (CRL1 and CRL4). The labs are equipped with controlled temperature and humidity (21±1 °C; 50±5% RH) and cover a total area of 120m2.

This lab provides an excellent learning environment, for both teaching and research. Work in the lab includes development in semiconductor device physics and technology.

The Fabrication Lab is serviced regularly, which includes upgrading equipment and replenishing chemicals and gases. Regular maintenance ensures that we utilise funds efficiently and minimise the risk of any project delays due to facility fault or unavailability. This facility is supported solely by the School and its use is charged at a flat rate per hour.

CRL1 Clean Room

The CRL1 class 100-10000 clean room houses an Oxford Instruments 200mm cluster tool. This tool combines ALD and metal deposition for novel gate stacks.

CRL1 clean room is also equipped with Picosun ALD for the following tasks:

  • High-temperature film deposition
  • RTP bench-top rapid thermal processor
  • wet chemical workstation
  • Bruker X-ray diffractometer

CRL4 Clean Room

The CRL4 class 100-1000 clean room is specialised in silicon carbide device processing and interconnection research.

CRL4 clean room is equipped with: 

  • Thermal and e-beam evaporators
  • RIE machine 
  • Photolithography facilities
  • JIPELEC furnace for SiC post-implantation annealing and graphene growth 

The School also has access to a 400 m2 class 100 clean room facility: 

  • Device fabrication, packaging and characterisation at INEX Microtechnology
  • X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) facility at NEXUS

For further information and to arrange access to our Fabrication Lab, contact the Clean Room Manager.

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