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Modelling & Device Design

Modelling and Device Design

We are home to AIMPRO, a modelling technique for calculating the structural, electrical, optical and mechanical properties of molecules.

Techniques such as AIMPRO are used to study Defect Engineering, which relates to the use of quantum-chemical methods to analyse dopants and other defects in crystalline materials to predict their optical, electronic and other properties.

For more information see our First Principles Modelling research and AIMPRO.


Technology Computer Aided Design (TCAD)

‌The Emerging Technologies and Materials Group have developed some of the leading process TCAD models used worldwide, through a combination of physical experiments, atomistic calculations, and basic theory.

The models have been shown to predict device parameters for advanced CMOS, such as strained Si/SiGe technology, with minimal calibration. TCAD models have also been developed and used for optimization of c-Si photovoltaic (PV) technology.

For more information see our TCAD research.