School of Engineering

µSystems Lab

µSystems Lab

‌Features of the microsystems lab include:

  • original design flows and software design tools for microelectronic systems
  • extensive use of Europractice software
  • links with Intel, Atmel and Sun for chip fabrication
  • hardware and software facilities for FPGA-based design, using Xilinx and Altera kits
  • software such as Xilinx ISE, FPGA Advantage, MG Modelsim, Cadence Xilinx Parser
  • prototyping T2D converters, synchronizer characterisation circuits
  • CPU with concurrent error detection asynchronous testers
  • microprocessor and microcontroller development systems including ARM-based units
  • Agilent 6GHz Infinium 54855A oscilloscope
  • Pattern Generator 81133A
  • Logic Analysis system 16902A/16910A
  • access to high-temperature (in excess of 300C) testing equipment for digital and analogue memory circuit IP cores
  • advanced ICs in 65nm CMOS processes
  • several demonstrator ASICs fabricated through Europractice (arbiters, microcontrollers, A2D and T2D converters, synchronisers, cryptoblocks, on-chip time measurement circuits, on-chip communication links)

We also hold licences for extensive CAD packages including:

  • Cadence - full IC Package
  • Synopsys - front-end tools such as DC, PhC, Design Vision, Prime Time and Verification
  • Mentor Graphics
  • Handshake Solutions