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Sensors, Electromagnetics & Acoustics Lab

Sensors, Electromagnetics and Acoustics Lab

This laboratory develops world-leading research in wireless sensor systems and communications within extreme environments.

‌The Sensors, Electromagnetics and Acoustics Lab is ideal for controlled experiments on acoustic and electromagnetic transmission through various mediums.

The laboratory facilitates new technology developments in wireless communication networks operating within compartmentalised steel structures. It also includes developments through-hull communications and sub-sea to air communications, and low-cost sonar imaging.

These technologies have widespread applications in the defence, utility and oil and gas sectors.

The facility includes:

  • a large (3m x 2m x 2m) tank which is filled with fresh or saline water
  • anechoic-lined tank to produce the ideal conditions for acoustic experiments and calibration
  • steel-walled enclosure positioned next to the tank to provide water-steel-air transmission paths. We experiment with electromagnetic transmissions through steel hulled vessels or compartments without leakage paths.
  • signal/spectrum analysers
  • hydrophones
  • EM probes
  • power amplifiers
  • design tools for the development of experimental prototypes and production designs. This includes prototype design software, electromagnetic modelling software and embedded software/firmware tools.
  • office and laboratory bench space to support the above activities

The laboratory also provides test equipment for external sites. These can be through the use of the University's research vessel The Princess Royal or test sites provided by industrial partners.

The test equipment includes:

  • remote operated vehicles to enable flexible underwater deployment of sensors or communication hardware
  • underwater cameras for easy inspection of submerged installations
  • portable EM instrumentation to identify interference sources
  • heavy duty IP67 portable computers for field trials of new products
  • survey-grade GPS unit to enable precise positioning and tracking in communication trials
Sensors, Electromagnetics and Acoustics (SEA) Lab tank