School of Engineering

Geomatics: Facilities

Geomatics Facilities

The School has an exceptional range of laboratories with a wide range of analytical instrumentation. These support our Geomatics research, teaching and commercial work.

Geomatics staff and students are supported by an exceptional array of equipment, software and laboratories. Resources available include:

  • Engineering, land and geodetic surveying equipment including:
    • Levels
    • Total Stations
    • GNSS
    • Laser Scanners
  • Unmanned Airborne Vehicles (QUEST)
  • EUREF Permanent GNSS Network station
  • Dedicated learning and teaching laboratory comprising:
    • ESRI GIS packages
    • Digital Photogrammetry
    • Group working space

The Urban Observatory - the largest set of publicly-available, real-time urban data in the UK - is led by staff in the geomatics group.