School of Engineering

Jones Engineering Laboratory

Jones Engineering Laboratory

The Jones Marine Engineering Laboratory is primarily used for our undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, consultancy and research.


Each year students carry out experimental and practical projects in the laboratories. Teaching includes work relating to:

  • marine diesel engine construction
  • operation and performance assessment
  • heat exchanger design
  • exhaust gas emission measurement and analysis

The laboratory has a diesel engine test bed which has been adapted to operate using different fuels. This allows research into methods to improve engine efficiency, fuel consumption and emissions.


In addition to traditional instruments for engine tests, the Jones Laboratory has state-of-the-art portable engine emissions measurement equipment.

This equipment is capable of determining all kinds of species from the engine exhaust gases such as NO, NO2, HC, CO, SO2 , CO2, O2.

Workshop Capabilities

The laboratory is fully supported by marine, mechanical and electronic technicians. It has facilities for fabrication and machining to allow test rigs and prototype equipment to be produced in-house.

This provides the maximum flexibility and adapting test programmes to suit client needs.


For further information, contact:
Peter Bowes
Head of Technical Team and Facilities Manager
Telephone +44 (0)191 208 6919