School of Engineering

Mechanical Engineering: Facilities

Mechanical Engineering Facilities

We are based in the Stephenson Building, close to all the University facilities. It has both general and specialist laboratories and CNC workshop facilities. These are used for training, course delivery and the manufacture of materials/components needed to support project work.

The Stephenson Building houses one of the largest networked computer clusters on campus (120+ PCs). This supports all of the specialist software introduced and used within the course (eg CAD, stress analysis, fluid dynamics, signal processing packages). We also have our own School cluster (60+ PCs) used for instrumentation and data acquisition laboratories.

Taught course facilities

We have a wide range of specialist facilities to support your studies including:

  • 3D motion capture
  • x-ray diffraction
  • robotics
  • micro-electromechanical systems
  • dedicated biomaterial and biotribology labs
  • railway systems

We also have facilities for:

  • composite materials fire testing
  • gear manufacture and testing
  • nanomeasurement
  • engine testing
  • artificial joint testing

Research programme facilities

Depending on your research area you will have access to the following facilities.


You have access to dedicated biomaterials, biotribology and co-ordinate measuring machine labs.

MEMS and sensors

You have access to world-leading X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy facilities.

Design, manufacture and materials

You have access to facilities for:

  • materials testing and failure analysis
  • product development and mechanical testing
  • metrology
  • pultrusion, filament winding, resin infusion and vacuum bag moulding
  • selective laser sintering and fused deposition modelling
  • full-scale rail vehicle and track investigations at NewRail's regional office and working railway centre, Barrow Hill test site

Fluid dynamics and thermal systems

Facilities include:

  • high performance computing facilities
  • Water Tunnel and Wind Tunnel
  • Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)
  • Hot Wire Anemometry Facilities
  • IC engine test bench
  • High pressure and high temperature combustion vessel

We also have access to National Specialist facilities.