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Marine, Offshore & Subsea Technology: Business

Spin Out Companies

Since 1985, three spin-out companies have been formed to commercialise intellectual property (IP) arising from school research.

IntelliStab Marine

Collaborative research in a project resulted in the spin-out company, IntelliStab Marine Ltd.

This was for the further development and marketing of an intelligent motion control device for fishing vessels. Work is ongoing.

The company won a prestigious North East Science and Technology Blueprint Business Award in 2005.

NUBallast Pte Ltd

After seven years of research and development in the field of ballast water treatment, an innovative system has been designed and commercialised by the University.

Following submission of a patent application (UK patent office No 0704979.4) in March 2007, NUBallast Pte Ltd has been established in Singapore.

The first target for implementation of such design are crude oil tankers.

Large state-owned oil tanker companies Wella (Aramco, KSA), NITC (NIOC, Iran) and many private tanker owners and operators have shown great interest for further development and installation of such systems.

Due to increasing potential and high regional demand for design and technological implementation, it is planned to establish another spin-off company, NUBallast Middle East Llc, in Dubai.

Seabait Ltd

Seabait Ltd breeds and grows premium quality marine worms for use in aquaculture feeds, sea angling and scientific research.

They are strongly committed to the environmentally sensitive and sustainable production of polychaete worms and to the support of associated industries.

More information about the company is on the Seabait website.


Our academic staff are frequently involved in international projects and provide advice to government and industry.

We cover the following areas:

  • ship design and optimisation
  • marine machinery systems, design, control and operations
  • condition and performance monitoring
  • marine hydrodynamics
  • ballast water management
  • marine structures and analysis
  • yacht and superyacht
  • tropical and coastal management
  • marine engine performance
  • composite materials
  • shipbuilding and repair
  • marine environmental impact assessment