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Design Unit

Founded in 1970, the Design Unit is a self-supporting commercial organisation based within the School.

The Design Unit is a specialist outreach centre with expertise in design, development and research consultancy for Mechanical Power Transmission Systems. It does work for the international gearing industry across sectors including industrial, automotive, aerospace and defence.

For further information, see the Design Unit website.

Design Unit bearing rig shaft


NewRail, a dedicated railway research centre based within the School, has a vast range of expertise in diverse areas of the rail industry.

The aim of NewRail is to develop and maintain the highest international standards of excellence in rail-related research.

NewRail has a wide experience in applied research for railways focusing on the development and strategic implementation of innovative technologies. It has links to the major international players in the industry, as well as institutions and end users.

For further information, see the NewRail website.

NewRail's test facility at Barrow Hill


Academics and researchers in the School undertake consultancy work as part of our commitment to engagement with industry at a regional, national and international level.

Here are some examples of organisations we've done consultancy work with.

We worked with the Northern Orthopaedic Retrievals Service (NORS) to provide analysis of artificial joints.

We provided Gear Technology with design, development and consultancy services in mechanical power transmission systems.

We did consultancy work with Railway Engineering for railway operators and manufacturers.

Engaging with Future Engineers

We offer the chance for companies to engage with our students.

Engaging with our students raises the company’s recruitment profile and lets it get to know a student before employing them. It also means we gain from having better motivated and more employable students.

We regularly circulate employment opportunities, both placements and internships, to our students and to the University Careers Service. Careers run 'fairs' for employers and can also arrange special company presentation sessions for students.

Many students on placements become sponsored, returning to the company for further placements, or bring back their own industrial project co-supervised by the company.

We can also help you become more familiar with what the University can do for you in terms of specialist services or in gaining supporting funds for developments through, eg the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) scheme.

How you can engage with our students

Read the information in the boxes below to find out how we could work with your company. Contact our Industry Liaison Tutor John Lockey to discuss further.

Students on site