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Discovery Channel video features innovative research on lifeboats led by Newcastle in collaboration with the RNLI and LR

EDSARC – Enhanced Design of Search And Rescue Craft

Discovery Channel has come to Newcastle University for an exciting TV feature on the significant research being undertaken in the School of Engineering, in collaboration with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) and Lloyd’s Register.

With a focus on the structural design of Search and Rescue craft, the project seeks to increase the understanding of the behaviour of the structure and the materials used.

Computer models, small-scale experiments and full-size sea trials set out to analyse the behaviour of lifeboats at a range of speeds and in varying conditions.

The findings will enable the RNLI to advise the crews and technicians on how the existing boats should be operated and maintained, ensuring their safe operation and extending their life. In the longer term, Severn class lifeboats could be upgraded and future boats designed with different materials and improved strength characteristics.

The project collaborates with Lloyd’s Register to ensure that outcomes can be more easily disseminated to the wider industry, possibly leading to an upgrade of current standards.

The Project Team:

Prof Richard Birmingham, Prof Bob Dow, Dr Simon Benson, Federico Prini – Newcastle University

Holly Phillips, Pete Sheppard – RNLI

Jesus Mediavilla Varas, Michael Johnson, Spyros Hirdaris – Lloyd’s Register

The research is funded by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution

For more information, visit EDSARC's project page


published on: 1 June 2017