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New project for Singapore students a success

Each summer, students from our Singapore campus travel to Newcastle to complete their Overseas Immersion Programme (OIP). This year a new project was introduced to the OIP and it has proven to be a great success.

As part of studying one of our degrees in Singapore, students take part in the Overseas Immersion Programme. The OIP aims to augment the Singapore learning experience through international exposure to lectures, projects, workshops and industry visits.

This year students from across four different engineering disciplines came together to work in small groups and tackle sustainable engineering challenges including reducing food waste, waste-to-fuel technologies, and reducing plastic waste.

Dr Cindy Lee, Director of Excellence in Learning and Teaching, explained: "We wanted students to have a better experience in interacting and networking with peers from different disciplines. We also wanted to use the project as part of our initiative to embed sustainability in the engineering courses in Singapore."

A novel approach was used to introduce students to the importance of multidisciplinary group working.

"We used an analogy to recent superhero movies. The trend in superhero movies these days is no longer one which a single superhero saves the day. Today, we see that a group of superheroes with different superpowers have to work together to solve bigger threats and challenges."

The OIP project challenge concluded with students presenting posters of their sustainable engineering solutions to Professor Phil Taylor (Head, School of Engineering), Dr Stuart Edwards (Dean of Taught Programmes) and Prof Suzanne Cholerton (Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Learning & Teaching) at the University's award winning Urban Sciences Building on Newcastle Helix.

The winning teams and their members are:

Group 7: Yong Chee Chong; Liang En Rui; Tan Zai Yie; Iskandar Zulqarnain bin Muhamad; Toh Jun De; Lam Thao Boon; Chua Wei Yu; Ong Si Min

Group 10: Juay Kevin; Tan Yi Hao Shawn; Muhamed Danish Bin Muhamed; Tan Li Ying Kimberly; Martin Lim Ying Song; Valerie Yer Yu Xin; Jonathan Chew Qi Ren; Muhammad Farhan Bin Osman

Group 15: Rayyan Adli; Chew Ming Chuan; Ang Xin Quan; Bernice Ng Li Yi; Chan Li Ting; Muhammad Faiz Bin Jamil; Poh Guo Zheng; Sharul Baggio Bin Mohamed Roslan

Reflecting on the event, Dr Lee said:  "It was a great experience to see how advanced our students' ideas and proposals for achieving engineering sustainability are." 

Newcastle University in Singapore

Working jointly with the Singapore Institute of Technology we deliver six undergraduate degrees in Singapore. Since 2008, we have steadily grown our presence in the island state and in 2017 opened NewRIIS, the Newcastle Research and Innovation Institute.

NewRIIS has hosted a number of CPD courses, research workshops and from September 2018 will commence teaching Masters' degrees.

Thank you ...

The event would not have possible without the support of Professor Matt Bentley, Dr Chunyang Yin, Dr Kent Chin, Dr Wai Lok Woo, Dr Naayagi Ramasamy, Dr Ivan Tam, Dr Mohammed Hannan, Dr Cheng Siong Chin, Dr Eugene Wong, Dr Stevin Pramana, Dr Dehong Huo, Dr Serena Lim, Dr Xiangyin Meng, Ms Laura Thomson, Ms Rachel Marshall, Ms Colette Brodrick, Ms Xiuqi Wu and Ms Charmaine Lim.

We're also very grateful to our partner University, Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) for their strong support and co-sponsoring of the project and prizes.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor Prof Suzanne Cholerton (left) presenting the Best Poster Design award.

published on: 24 July 2018