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Researcher wins international competition for wireless power sharing device

Dr Haimeng Wu has won the Siemens TAPAS Community Challenge beating more than 200 proposals from across Europe.

Working on TAPAS, an open source development platform developed by global technology giant Siemens, Dr Wu has developed a powerful wireless power sharing device allowing fast charging of mobile devices.

Wireless charging is already a common feature of some devices including mobile phones, watches and some laptops. Dr Wu's creation takes the concept a step further by developing wireless power sharing networks between devices.

He explained: "We see appliances and mobile devices becoming part of the Internet of things (IoT). As well as wireless data sharing, I wanted to explore how devices could share energy with each other.

"For many years, energy has been thought of as a one-directional problem: generate it, move it, and use it. At Newcastle we're exploring how we can move to smarter solutions that move energy around in different directions throughout a network to improve efficiency and create economic and environmental benefits. In time, these developments will create changes in social behaviour and new business models," explained Dr Wu.

PhD students Xiang Wang and Bown Gu worked with Dr Wu to develop a prototype. The team was selected as one of the final five from more than 200 entries and invited to Germany to demonstrate their innovation in a head-to-head competition. The competition jury was impressed with the demonstrator and Dr Wu's vision of a wireless power sharing network.

Energy research powerhouse

Dr Wu's team's success is the latest in a series of developments and innovations from Newcastle University's energy research.

Already leading the National Centre for Energy Systems Integration, last week the University was selected to lead a £5 million project to build a national research hub that will help transform the UK’s energy network.

In addition to research at the grid and consumer electronics scale, chemists, physicists, biologists and engineers at the University lead the North East Centre for Energy Materials that explores energy challenges at the atomic level.

Siemens TAPAS winners: Dr Haimeng Wu with PhD students Xiang Wang and Bown Gu
Dr Haimeng Wu (centre) with PhD students Xiang Wang and Bown Gu

published on: 1 August 2018