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STREAM research student makes front cover of leading journal

Robert Bertsch took the lead in research published in the journal, Water.

Robert is one of our current STREAM researchers, and is undertaking his EngD as a Research Engineer with Scottish Water.

The STREAM-IDC programme enables talented researchers to develop their skills and careers, while obtaining an Engineering Doctorate (EngD) degree.

Robert is the lead author of the article in the December 2017 issue of Water.

We congratulate him on making the front cover of the journal.

The important role of the humble storm drain inlet in urban flood risk

Reliable modelling of urban floods depends on realistic representation of flows on the surface, in the sewer network, but also, crucially, on the storm drain inlets linking the two.

Since detailed networks of inlet locations are not always available, a GIS routine was developed to generate synthetic ones for use with the CityCAT hydrodynamic model.

The study demonstrates not only that synthetic networks work as well as the surveyed ones, but also highlights that the system drainage capacity is very sensitive to small changes in location and the number of inlets in water ponding areas.

Robert Bertsch, Vassilis Glenis and Chris Kilsby (2017) Urban Flood Simulation Using Synthetic Storm Drain Networks. Water 9(12), 925; doi:10.3390/w9120925

Robert Bertsch, EngD candidate, STREAM-IDC
Robert Bertsch, EngD researcher, STREAM-IDC

published on: 20 December 2017