School of Engineering

Student Profiles

  • Chris

    Hydrology and Climate Change: MSc


    I would thoroughly recommend coming up to visit the city and the University. This gave me a really good feel for the city and the location that I was coming to. I also got in contact with the head of my course and arranged a meeting to discuss the course in more detail. I obtained valuable information during this trip, which I would have never been able to get online.

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  • Rachel

    Engineering Geology: MSc

    Studying at Newcastle

    Newcastle is a great university and all the lecturers are always happy to help with any issues that students come across; you can just knock on a lecturer’s door and they’ll be happy to help. The library is a great resource for studying as it has a large number of online and hardcopy resources.

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  • Omega

    Environmental Engineering: MSc

    What did you most enjoy about studying your course?

    The class was a really mixed bunch with students and staff from a number of countries and backgrounds. This made the course very interesting as we all had different viewpoints and ideas which opened our eyes to the possibilities that arise when you share and discuss things with colleagues.

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  • Luilfy - MSc Structural Engineering


    Structural Engineering: MSc

    Industry engagement

    The programme is well structured, because it balances research with the skills that employers seek. It has modules that are not traditional but that the industry is looking for.

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  • Tshepo


    Geotechnical Engineering: MSc

    About the programme

    Our programme is more taught than research but the research aspects of it are great. The choice of dissertation topics gave us more ground to do research and help us think about where we want to end up as a career.

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  • Alex

    Environmental Engineering: MSc


    The field visits are extremely interesting and give us the opportunity to see how everything we learn in the lectures is actually applied in the real world. I've visited a water treatment plant, waste water treatment plant, landfill site, waste separation plant and the Drax power plant.

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  • Roberto

    Hydroinformatics: MSc

    About the programme

    The programme covers the connection to cutting-edge research (for example in Flood Risk Management) carried out by the lecturers. The teaching quality has been excellent, and there have been outstanding modules which have exceeded by far my expectations.

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  • Valini

    Transport Planning and ITS: MSc

    Industry engagement

    We have been assigned industrial mentors who assist us academically and otherwise. They have provided excellent insight into how what we are being taught is applied to projects, and what is required of graduates in industry.

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  • Takudzwa

    Environmental Engineering: MSc

    Choosing Newcastle

    I was familiar with the prestige associated with the world-renowned Newcastle University as well as the strong industry links the University had. This knowledge coupled with my desire to learn from (and with) the very best initially spurred my interest in the University.

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