School of Engineering

Research Theme: Bio and Environmental Engineering

Bio and Environmental Engineering

From safe water to artificial limbs, we are working for clean growth, mobility and supporting an ageing population.

It is a very exciting time as we forge new partnerships throughout our University and integrate long-established engineering groups with medical, social and scientific researchers. Our new Biomedical Engineering research theme is a clear example of the breadth and depth of research and teaching at Newcastle.

From Mechanical Engineering, we are building on our expertise in biomechanical modeling and motion analysis, to nanotechnology and robotic solutions. By integrating mechanical and materials engineering with electronic and sensing engineering, we are driving toward next generation prostheses and artificial limbs.

Environmental Engineering - also known as Public Health Engineering in some parts of the world - is one of our Faculty's longest established research and teaching themes. We are particularly strong on water and wastewater treatments in both developed and emerging countries. The role of engineers in sanitation and clean water leads some to state that "engineers save more lives than doctors." Our work in water research with Northumbrian Water is a local partnership for global innovation and our work on engineering solutions to antimicrobial resistance and superbugs has been called upon by governments around the world.

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