School of Engineering

STARS 2018

Demystifying Maths & Stats for Bioscientists

STARS 2018

A Short Course Supported by BBSRC

Do you feel that a problem requiring the use of maths and stats becomes an insurmountable hurdle?

Teaching maths and stats out of context and a failure to use the latest technology frequently contribute to such feelings. You can make significant advances in overcoming them with:

  • a broad awareness of the solution approach
  • exposure to the latest software tools.

In this course, we'll teach you about the maths and stats tools and concepts that are essential in enabling you to make a rapid impact in your chosen research area. We place the material in the context of industrial and scientific needs, enabling you to appreciate the sources of data and why the specific maths and stats approaches are required.

Building on foundations gained at undergraduate level, we'll provide a focused treatment of applied maths and stats. We'll use practical examples rather than through exhaustive theorems. You'll take part in case studies, which will reinforce your understanding of the basic principles and the industrial and scientific relevance of the methods.

The course is offered annually.

Details of the course held in May 2018 are shown below. If you'd like to receive information about the 2019 course when it's available, please submit an Expression of Interest to the Professional Development Unit.