School of Engineering

Wastewater treatment plant design

Wastewater Treatment Plant Design

Promoting novel approaches to wastewater treatment engineering.

Platform funding will help us realise our vision for profoundly changing the way the engineering of wastewater treatment and other engineered biological systems is approached.

Project leader

Professor Tom Curtis

Project details

We believe we can develop a new and universal suite of theories as a basis for design. This will allow engineers to understand, predict and manipulate the principal ecological phenomena that dictate performance.

We believe our vision is unique, original and fundamental in nature.

The platform funding will secure the multidisciplinary synergies between research and academic staff within the proposed platform group. It will also facilitate synergies between the group and other leading national and international players.

We secured this prestigious funding by showing that we had the requisite vision, funding track record and reputation.

Academic staff

  • Professor Tom Curtis
  • Professor David Graham
  • Dr Adam Jarvis
  • Dr Paul Sallis
  • Dr David Werner


  • Dr Joana Baptista
  • Dr Russell Davenport
  • Dr Jan Dolfing
  • Dr Paola Meynet


  • Mrs Donna Swan