School of Engineering


Seminars 2019-20

Environmental Engineering research seminars


15 July 2020 Jan Dolfing Newcastle University Life in the Anaerobic Lane 12:00- 13:00


17 June 2020 Christopher Jones Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research & University of Manchester Understanding the Environmental Performance of
Energy Storage Systems in Future Electricity Supply


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10 June 2020 Marcos Quintela Newcastle University Using Ecology to Understand the Fate and Mitigation of Antibiotic Resistance 12:00-13:00


20 May 2020 Pilar Junier & Saskia Bindschedler University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland Bacterial-Fungal Interations: From Fundamental Biology to Applications 12:00-13:00


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6 May 2020 Barbara Evans University of Leeds  The Role of WASH in Covid 19 – back to Public Health Engineering basics 13:00- 14:00 Webinar 
26 February 2020 Shamas Tabraiz Newcastle University Understanding the QS activity in MBRs and evaluation of potential of quorum quenching bacteria for biofouling reduction 13:00-14:00 Webinar- recording available here
12 Feb 2020 Anne Ventura Gustave Eiffel University What do wine tasting, hemp, concrete recycling, nickel and micro-algae culture have in common?  13:00-14:00 3.25, Cassie Building
29 Jan 2020 Olayinka Osuolale Elizade University The Mystic and my Sojourn as a Nigerian environmental health researcher 13:00-14:00 2.32, Cassie Building
15 Jan 2020 Luciana Chavez Rodriguez Universität Hohenheim Modeling Microbial Regulation of Pesticide Turnover in Soils 13:00- 14:00 2.32, Cassie Building
27 Nov 2019 Marta Vignola University of Glasgow Biofiltration by Biological Design 13:00-14:00 2.32, Cassie Building
20 Nov 2019 Kevin Rosso Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA Unraveling Mechanisms of Redox Reactions Facilitated by Iron-Bearing Clay Minerals 13:00-14:00 3.25, Cassie Building
13 Nov 2019 Hailiang Dong Miami University, Ohio, USA Mineral-microbe interactions: implications for environmental remediations 13:00- 14:00 2.32, Cassie Building
30 Oct 2019 John Griffiths GrifAid Household water filtration in developing countries 13:00- 14:00 2.32, Cassie Building
16 Oct 2019 Jane A Entwhistle Northumbria University

Dirt, Dust and Diet: Geochemistry in human health risk assessment


13:00- 14:00 2.32, Cassie Building
9 Oct 2019 David Werner Newcastle University

Inaugural Lecture- Public Health Engineering: New Tricks for an Old Trade


16:00- 17:00 2.32, Cassie Building
20 Sept 2019 John Webb  La Trobe University, Australia Acid mine drainage (AMD) in Australia – problems and potential solutions 12:00-13:00 3.25, Cassie Building
9 Sept 2019 Miguel Fuentes- Cabrera Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee, USA

Microbes in and out: from organelles to bacterial populations

12:00- 13:00  F13, Stephenson Building