School of Engineering


Dominic Carver

Dominic is one of our current STREAM researchers.

Predicting Hydromorphological Responses to Dam Removal

My academic and professional experience prior to starting the STREAM EngD programme includes a BSc in Geography and Environmental Science, and an MSc in Environmental Water Management from Cranfield University. More recently, I have worked for the Environmental and Engineering consultancy TYPSA in Spain and El Salvador, mostly on water resource management projects.

The STREAM programme provides innovative and novel solutions for tackling the challenges faced by today’s water sector. My research at Newcastle University will be conducted on behalf of United Utilities, giving me the opportunity to carry out academic research whilst furthering my experience in industry.

My EngD research topic encompasses a number of different aspects, but the majority of my work will focus on eco-hydromorphology, which aims to integrate the disciplines of ecology, hydrology and geomoprphology.

The Site of Special Scientific Interest and a Special Area of Conservation within the River Ehen Catchment are home to a number of vitally important species. Due to sustained anthropogenic pressures, these species are now under severe threat. The Environment Agency has made the decision under the Habitats Directive that the lake and river need to be restored to a natural state in order for the River Ehen Special Area of Conservation to achieve its conservation objectives and return to favourable condition.

It is therefore hoped that this research will lead to the development of new methodologies for hydroecological research whilst providing United Utilities and all relevant stakeholders with the necessary scientific tools to manage the transition of Ennerdale Water and the upper River Ehen.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t (PDF: 1.68MB)