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Dai Ziye

Recovering Value from Water Industry By-products and Waste Streams

I graduated from Sun Yat-sen University (China) with a degree in Applied Chemistry. Due to my particular interest in clean production and waste recovery technology, I continued my studies by taking an MSc Green Chemistry and Sustainable Industrial Technology at the University of York.

In my MSc course, my research project was about how to recover phosphorus from sludge generated in stainless steel wire production. This research project engaged me a lot with the charm of waste recovery which can bring a sustainable benefit to both the environment and industry.

Therefore, I decided either to further continue my studies or to start my career in this sector. Fortunately, this STREAM EngD position gives me a chance to achieve both goals.

The title of my research project is 'Recovering value from water industry by-product and waste stream'. The source of waste or by-product could be anything within the raw water, wastewater and sludge. The objective of the project is to bring in benefits to water companies by recovering latent value from them.

To achieve this, possible options related to water/wastewater treatment is collected from vast literature about waste recovery in the first stage. In the second stage, investigation of mass and energy balance of treatment process will help to identify the mass flow and related energy consumption of each valuable substance.

Meanwhile, engagement with water companies feeds in information about business challenges and preferences. Combining the outcomes of both, multiple recovery approaches will be created and proposed. After review by water companies and academia, one or two of them will be chosen to be developed into an industrial solution by laboratory work and field trial.

Most importantly, all the outcomes of this project are aimed to help the water industry to establish a better future treatment strategy.

Current status

Junior Process Engineer, Aqua Enviro