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Trevor Pearman

Trevor is one of our current STREAM researchers

Water assets and networks: geospatial data representation for modelling and monitoring

Water utility companies are under ever-increasing pressure to operate efficient, resilient water and wastewater networks that serve their customers continuously with minimal or ideally no service failures. In reality, this is not always achievable. All water companies, including Northumbrian Water, use models and digital mapped representations of their networks, for the purposes of understanding their asset liabilities and extents, modelling impacts to their water supply networks and wastewater collection networks and helping them to operate those systems as efficiently as possible. The systems used currently, however, are not integrated, interoperable or always based on the latest available performance data.

Taking inspiration from the increasing interest in smart cities this project will aim to use common data standards and data formats and leverage the power of new database technologies to try to develop a new type of geospatial database that integrates the connected networks of the water distribution and wastewater collection systems with the near real-time performance and monitoring data that is available for those systems and which describes their behaviours across the day and through the seasons. Such a database would have the potential to provide hydraulic modelling capabilities for those networks based on the latest available performance data and support optimal decision making for incident support and day to day operation of these systems. This type of capability could be a step towards the development of a ‘digital twin‘ of the water supply and wastewater collection networks of Northumbrian Water and provide a framework for other utility companies to follow.


PhD student Trevor Pearman