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Christos Iliadis

Christos Iliadis

Christos is one of our current WIRe researchers

I hold:

  • a BEng in Mechanical Engineering (2012)
  • a BEng in Civil Engineering (2017)
  • a MSc in Civil Engineering & the Built Environment (2018)

I have worked as:

  • Assistant Engineer (2008-2012)
  • Mechanical Engineer (2012-2017)
  • Civil Engineer (2017- Sep 2019)

Since I was in the final stage of my second degree, I discovered a passion to investigate more the extreme storm events in combination with climate change, and the challenges a city has to face during those events such as floods, and the problems with the current drainage systems.

My first project was “IDF curves and flood estimation of urban stormwater network design” for the second BEng and my Master Thesis was “Estimating IDF curves at an ungauged site and designing a stormwater network in a changing climate (non-stationary)”. After working a lot of years with energy efficiency and structural analysis & design of buildings in “real life”, I decided that a change in direction was needed. The Engineering Physical Sciences Research Council (EPRSC), which are funding this research as part of the WIRe CDT, offered me the opportunity to combine the theory with practice in an industrial setting, and inform my research in floods and modelling.

So, I am here to analyse precipitation extremes in a changing climate and give solutions in the Resilient design of urban drainage by using real cities.

As I am at the beginning of my PhD, I cannot say exactly what techniques or methodologies I will be using but I can say with certainty that I will use:

  • High resolution climate models outputs
  • Advanced stochastic modelling methodologies
  • The CityCat urban flood modelling system


Christos Iliadis