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Satellite Applications Catapult

Innovate UK Satellite Catapult

The North East Satellite Applications Catapult Centre of Excellence is one of three regional centres of excellence across the UK, operating with support from the Satellite Applications Catapult based in Harwell.

The Satellite Applications Catapult is part of the UK’s network of technology and innovation companies, set up by Innovate UK (formerly Technology Strategy Board, TSB) to drive economic growth in key sectors.

Newcastle University is a founder partner of the Centre of Excellence. Staff from across the Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering are available to provide consultancy and training, and to engage in collaborative research. 


The academic lead at Newcastle University is Professor Peter Clarke. For general enquiries and more details please contact Sheena Shields, Business Development Manager, SAgE Enterprise Team.

We have particular expertise in the following fields of satellite applications.

Research groups


The Geomatics research group has expertise in:

  • precise satellite positioning (GPS/GNSS), surveying, and geodesy
  • geodetic deformation monitoring and synthetic aperture radar interferometry (InSAR)
  • satellite radar altimetry over oceans and inland
  • precise satellite orbit and gravity field determination
  • atmospheric water vapour sensing
  • multispectral and hyperspectral remote sensing
  • geoinformatics and geographic information systems


The Transport research group has expertise in:

  • intelligent transport and satellite navigation (GPS/GNSS)
  • transport systems, vehicle emissions and road user charging


The Water research group has expertise in:

  • integrated catchment monitoring and management
  • climate change impacts and flooding
  • coupled human-environmental engineered systems

Communications, sensors and signal processing

The Communications, Sensors and Signal Processing has expertise in:

  • network communications and signal processing algorithms
  • ionospheric radio propagation and GPS/GNSS positioning

Emerging technology and materials

The Emerging Technology and Materials research group has expertise in:

  • nanostructures and technology processes
  • electronic technologies