School of Engineering



The environmental impact of transport is one of the largest issues facing the global population today.

Transport is a significant contributor towards global carbon emissions and global warming. It's heavily dependent upon ever-decreasing hydrocarbon resources. The resulting air pollution poses substantial risks to health, life expectancy and overall quality of life for many people.

Our research in this area focuses on a wide range of environmental issues, including:

  • traffic emissions and air quality
  • measuring links between air quality, health and social deprivation
  • the environmental assessment of land-use and transport policies
  • measuring, modelling, mapping and managing carbon footprint of urban developments

Our expertise in transport modelling and microsimulation allows us to gain a deeper understanding of the impacts of existing and planned transport developments and policies.

We have developed the PITHEM (Platform for Integrated Traffic, Health and Emission Modelling) software suite and have personnel who are leading practitioners in CUBE, AIMSUM, ADMS, AirViro and PARAMICS modelling applications.