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One Data Loggers

ONE DATA LOGGERS: Advanced vehicle data logger

The university is developing an advanced in-vehicle data-logger to collect, on a second by second basis, various parameters as to how a vehicle is performing, how it is being driven, state of charge, emissions (or equivalent emissions in the case of electric vehicles) and the location, time-stamp and other special data associated with a trip.

Project Leader: Professor Phil Blythe
Sponsors: One North East and EPSRC
Start/end dates:

Project details

The data is part of developing a significant research infrastructure in the North East of England to monitor, assess and analyse the data from demonstrations and trials of both electric vehicles and internal combustion engine vehicles.

It is transmitted to a server at the university where it is analysed for a range of projects including Switch-EV, Smart-CEM, Footlite, SIDE and Smart Moving.

A continual research and development exercise is on-going to adapt and improve the logging capability and to bring in new feeds such as video records, drivers vital signs and eye-tracking data.

Academic staff

  • Professor Phil Blythe


  • Mr Dan Brennan
  • Dr Amy Guo
  • Dr Graeme Hill
  • Dr Yvonne Huebner