School of Engineering

Facilities: Geometry borehole array


Groundwater Engineering Operations Monitoring Evaluation and Testing Laboratory

The geometry field laboratory focuses on hydrogeological field measurements and data interpretation associated with boreholes. It is one of the Earth Systems Laboratories managed by the School of Engineering. It supports some of the Masters courses taught by the School of Engineering by providing:

  • a teaching facility, giving students practical experience in borehole measurements and data collection, and an appreciation of the complexities of applying science to real situations
  • a resource for MSc students to undertake research projects as part of their course.

The laboratory is located on the University's farm at Cockle Park near Morpeth, with the co-operation of the School of Natural and Environmental Sciences. This facility is used and managed by the School of Engineering and is also available as a research tool and training facility for the University's other Schools and Research Institutes as well as industrial partners.